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You’re just too busy running the rest of your business. Not to mention you’d like to enjoy some of life. You know the good things in life like trips to the spa, buying that designer bag you’ve been eyeing, taking off on an all-inclusive vacation – just to name a few…

You know you need someone you can trust to get the job done.
You need an incredible Online Course Manager. Almost like a fairy godmother of online course creation and management.

What you didn’t know is that she exists. Complete with all that the glitter, sparkles and pink pizazz.

It‘s me.

I can make your dreams come true

From project management and automation to the specifics of Facebook & Instagram Ads, I’m your lady. Your OCM in shining armor. Or diamonds. Most likely diamonds.

With study in business administration, a background in hospitality, and experience as an executive assistant, I’ve got what it takes to bring your idea from dreamland to realtime. Plus, I’m a huge techie with experience in over a dozen different platforms that are suitable for your business’ needs.
(Don’t worry, I’m not as boring as all that tech stuff often sounds.)

I know first-hand the struggle to juggle it all. But you don’t have to anymore. You’ll get to work with someone caring, optimistic, and generally cheerful who provides a high level of service, remains super reliable, and is solution-focused. It’s a no-drama, real-life fairytale business partnership. And if we are ever to meet in-person, the next latte is on me!

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. I promise.


Project Management

If you’re wishing that someone else could take that project from start to finish, skipping no steps, leaving no detail undone. You know you could do it if you just set aside the time, but time is always at a shortage. If you could just utilize someone detail-oriented, time-driven, and reliable, you would be golden.


If you’re wishing that someone might be able to look at your customer journey on your site or make sense of the process you created for your product, service, or online course. If you want to turn those valuable insights into tips, tricks and strategy changes to improve growth, increase revenue and keep your customers happy.


If you’re wishing that all the content you’ve tucked away in that file could magically appear in the shape of an online classroom with a student portal. Most of the tough work is done. Your content is all ready to go. But there are decisions about platform and tech skills you need that you just don’t have. You soooo want that online course to be a part of your business. It just has to happen.

Evergreen Facilitation and Management

If you’re wishing for the unicorn of all unicorns: to have everything all set up and firing away automatically, so you can make money in your sleep. From ads to emails to webinars, and everything in between. And you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your income continues to generate while you’re heading to the spa, taking your kids to the park, or hopping on the next plane for the next gig. This is the real dream, right? To be evergreen…it can come true. 


If you’re wishing to launch a new product, service, or online course to your audience but just don’t know where to start. You have the content, the audience and a working timeline. The pieces are there. But you want someone else to connect them. And then to run with it.

This is how the Magic happens

Make Contact

Make Contact

First things first, we have to chat. This an entirely customizable process and not a one-size-fits-all approach. So the first step is we talk. We set up a free 20-minute Strategy Call.

You tell me your ideas, your challenges, your wishes. I offer you a few things you can do right away, without my help, and without putting down a cent. If you don’t think we are the perfect pair, no harm done. But if you want to continue…




…we schedule a second call: the Scoping Call. This is an hour or two where we really dig in. We will go deeper into the specifics of those items you identified in the Strategy session.

We start to iron out the details and develop the plan for executing your vision. After the call, I translate our detailed dialogue into a blueprint for you to see…



…That blueprint becomes the foundation of our work. The plan to build the empire you’ve envisioned. The dream yet to be realized. Complete with all the action steps to take that idea from “I wish” to “It’s done!”

Best part, the blueprint becomes entirely yours. If you don’t want to move forward with me, the blueprint remains with you. You can opt to choose another fairy godmother to make it happen using the tailor-made plan we came up with.

Ready to ignite the magic?

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in my expert and excellent care.

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